Big Data & AI World Asia: Be at the Forefront of Business Intelligence

Big Data & AI World is the premier technology event serving as a nexus for data scientists, AI practitioners, and business leaders.

As Asia Pacific's big data and AI markets boom with massive growth projections, this is the platform to share your knowledge, showcase thought leadership, and provide strategic guidance.

The Epicentre of Data-Driven Transformation

Big Data & AI World Asia presents three engaging theatres to explore the latest in generative AI, data management, privacy regulations, customer engagement, and more.

Take part in sessions that will shape the future defined by data-driven intelligence and transformative technology.

Three Trailblazing Theatres

Big Data & AI World Keynote Theatre

With data volumes exploding and AI technologies maturing, organisations in Asia are now at an inflection point where these technologies are no longer just value-adds, but essential components for survival and success.

This theatre will help delegates learn how to harness actionable data visualization, AI-as-a-service, augmented analytics, and more.

Panel 1: Data Renaissance – Unleashing Innovation and Growth for CDOs

Join renowned leaders in a discussion on the evolving responsibilities of CDOs in driving digital transformation and fostering data-driven cultures. Understand how these leaders are shaping organisational strategies to maximise the value of big data, unleash human potential in the AI era, maintain compliance with data regulations, and enhance decision making.

Panel 2: Unlocking Business Success – Data as a Currency and a Door to a Sustainability

Share your case studies on how you have used data to bring about profitability and achieving sustainability goals. Explore how organisations leverage their data to gain strategic advantages, make better decisions, and identify new opportunities.

Sessions in this theatre will last 20 minutes. Theatre capacity is 120+ attendees.

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Artificial Intelligence Theatre

AI is a driving force of innovation in today's world. It has evolved from a nascent technology to an integral part of today's digital landscape, driving a paradigm shift across both the public and private sectors.

The Artificial Intelligence Theatre is a platform dedicated to exploring the depth and breadth of AI's transformative potential.

Leaders in AI will share their insights on integrating AI into legacy and modern infrastructures to boost productivity, enabling responsible AI, and investment opportunities in machine learning.

Panel 1: AI at the Crossroads – Reshaping Society's Future

Converge with AI titans as they discuss the breathtaking evolution of intelligent machines, the future of AI, and its impact on society. Consider the challenges surrounding user training, ethics, and model optimisation.

Sessions in this theatre will last 20 minutes. Theatre capacity is 100+ attendees.

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Data Integration & Management Theatre

Data is growing exponentially with every new tool adopted or employee onboarded.

The value of effective data management cannot be overstated.

This theatre is the place to be for understanding best practices in visualising and making sense of data from various sources and business processes.

Expert speakers will share their insights into optimising operations, driving cost-effectiveness, fostering product innovation, and shaping robust marketing strategies.

Topics covered will include data fabric, management, migration, monetisation, and more.

Panel 1: The Data Symphony - Orchestrating Integration, Management, and Monetisation for Business Success

Industry leaders will explore the intricacies of data integration, from challenges to opportunities. They will share how their organisation is bringing disparate data to create a unified view of their data landscape. Data storage, governance, and security are set to be discussed along with strategies to extract maximum value, enable personalised marketing, and enhance supply chain visibility.

Sessions in this theatre will last 20 minutes. Theatre capacity is 60+ attendees.

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