Cyber Security World Asia: Empowering Professionals, Protecting the Future

Cyber Security World Asia is a dynamic platform designed for security professionals to get involved in important conversations around protecting critical assets and share instrumental solutions propelling the industry forward.

With Asia experiencing one in every four global cyber attacks, the need for equipping professionals with effective countermeasures has never been more pressing.

Navigate the Cyber Security Frontier

Cyber Security World Asia features three unique theatres designed to a complete insight into the evolving threat landscape that continues to place businesses at risk.

Join fellow cyber crime fighters in the collective mission to elevate cyber security standards and awareness, crafting a secure digital landscape for generations to come.

Three Strategic Theatres

Cyber Security World Keynote Theatre

Investigate the complex landscape of cyber crime and help business leaders prepare for the unexpected.

This theatre features 25-minute sessions covering security strategy, talent development, emerging tech, data protection, governance, and more.

Panel 1: CISO Priorities – Securing the Future and Safeguarding Your Security

Join cyber security leaders in an exploration of the most critical priorities in threat mitigation, security investments, and talent development. Find out how to align protection initiatives with broader business goals and explore the future threats that could arise from advancements in AI and quantum computing.

Panel 2: AI-Powered Cyber Security –  Defending Against the Unknown

The rapid adoption of AI is creating both new opportunities and risks to cyber security. Consider the challenges and benefits of AI-powered defences, behavioural analytics, and user authentication. Understand the role of AI in accurately identifying threat patterns and indicators of compromise.

Sessions in this theatre will last 25 minutes. Theatre capacity is 120+ attendees.

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The Future of Cyber Security Theatre

Advancing technologies like AI could create unprecedented cyber threats. With Asia's digital economy growing exponentially, the region faces unique challenges like the higher prevalence of mobile and IoT devices, which can be vulnerable to attacks.

Architecting Tomorrow's Cyber Defences

This theatre is the essential destination for business leaders looking to navigate the evolving cyber threat landscape and future-proof their business.

Expert-led sessions will address transformations brought about managed security, zero trust architecture, cloud security, and more.

Engage in discussions on best practices, risk mitigation of legacy infrastructure, and hot topics such as threat intelligence, reporting, and response.

Sessions in this theatre will last 20 minutes. Theatre capacity is 80+ attendees.

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Cyber Security Innovations Theatre

Businesses are only as strong as their weakest links. Innovation is the key to staying ahead of evolving threat landscapes and bolstering cyber defences.

Innovators and end users will share their experiences in tackling cyber resilience, hacking, blockchain in cybersecurity, quantum cryptography, and more.

Panel 1: The Colour Purple – Hacking the Hackers

This exciting session will bring together experts of purple teaming methodologies. Explore the secrets behind the most effective approaches and witness the power of collaboration that propels teams to unparalleled cyber security resilience

Panel 2: Bracing for Impact – Anticipating and Responding to Ransomware Attacks

Half of organisations in Asia Pacific have a formal ransomware plan, but being a victim of these attacks is still more probable than possible. Industry experts will discuss the importance of preparedness, effective response mechanisms, and cost-effective investment strategies.

Decrypting Danger - A Simulated Ransomware Session

In the face of a ransomware surge in 2023, this session takes audience members through a simulated attack on a business. Each stage will be covered, from receiving extortion emails to dealing with compromised assets. A perfect opportunity to understand the harsh reality of long-term unauthorised access to data and the criticality of robust cyber security measures.

Sessions in this theatre will last 20 minutes. Theatre capacity is 60+ attendees.

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