DevOps Live: Transforming Teamwork and Product Delivery

Drive business efficiency and break down silos with the experts at DevOps Live. Co-located with Cloud Expo Asia, this event is the entry point to discover practical applications of DevOps and revolutionise workplace operations.

With Asia Pacific exhibiting the highest CAGR in DevOps adoption, this is your opportunity to provide valuable advice for delegates looking to adopt these processes.

Unleash Operational Excellence

DevOps is no longer a backstage player; it's now taking centre stage in driving business success.

DevOps Live features two inspiring theatres, providing a comprehensive insights into the practical application of DevOps and its many facets.

Get involved in two enlightening days packed with insights to help delegates break down silos, boost collaboration, and enhance efficiency.

Two Engaging Theatres

DevOps Live Workshop Theatre

Join fellow DevOps professionals at this vibrant platform to share your DevOps journey and the solutions available to transform development practices.

Engineering Transformation

Workshops at this theatre will range from enhancing low-code no-code application performance and integrating business logic with data analytics to building high-performance DevOps teams and accelerating hyper-automation.

Experts will also share best practices for executing serverless architectures, as well as improving debugging processes with visualisation and real-time reporting tools.

Sessions in this theatre will last 40 minutes. Theatre capacity is 50+ attendees.

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DevOps Automation and Evolution Theatre

Explore how DevOps continues to evolve and transform the way businesses operate. Take a deep dive into the practices, tools, and concepts that are driving DevOps capability and capacity development.

From Silos to Synergy

This theatre will unpick the complex forms of DevOps, including AIOps, DataOps, DevSecOps, GitOps, MLOps, and more.

Address the strategic value of DevOps and share case studies into how these processes have driven digital transformation initiatives across industries.

Leading DevOps practitioners will shine a light on the best practices for scaling and accelerating DevOps while building on platform-agnostic core capabilities to achieve future-readiness.

Sessions in this theatre will last 20 minutes. Theatre capacity is 50+ attendees.

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