eCommerce Expo Asia:  Revolutionising Retail in the Digital Age

eCommerce Expo Asia is one of Asia's most influential eCommerce events. The show attracts thousands of B2B and B2C retail professionals, innovative companies, and thought leaders.

With Asia holding a staggering 57.4% share of global eCommerce sales, your insights as a speaker can significantly influence this dominant market's dynamics, help attendees navigate evolving trends, and reshape Asia's retail landscape.

Amplify Your Ideas in the Heart of Asia

Across two immersive theatres at eCommerce Expo Asia, you can get involved in individual sessions, fireside chats, and panel discussions that enlighten audiences about enhancing customer experiences, overcoming the intricacies of cross-border commerce, and game-changing strategies for successful eCommerce operations.

Seize your opportunity to provide attendees with much-needed guidance on navigating these crucial aspects of eCommerce.

Customer Experience Theatre

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, customer experience can make or break a brand.

Industry experts from leading brands in eCommerce, retail, customer experience, and marketing will share their success stories and insights on creating outstanding customer experiences in the digital age.

Important topics will be covered, including the cookieless future, handling first-party data, social commerce, and more.

Panel 1: Beyond experience – Revolutionising engagement with next-generation technologies

Innovative eCommerce leaders will investigate how personalised content and offers can transform the customer experience. The capabilities of Robotic Process Automation and AI will be explored in reducing task repetition, cutting wait times, and enhancing customer service. The panel will also explore the role of omnichannel strategies in achieving seamless customer interactions.

Sessions in this theatre will last 20 minutes. Theatre capacity is 100+ attendees.

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International Commerce Theatre

Navigating the complexities of cross-border commerce can be challenging, but the opportunities for growth and expansion are unparalleled.

This theatre focuses on best practices and opportunities to achieve success in overseas business. Top practitioners in the marketplace will cover international expansion strategies, regulatory issues, urban logistics, intelligent delivery, and more.

Panel 1: Expanding Horizons – Charting the Course for Cross-Border Commerce, Expansion, and Supply Chain Optimisation

In an era of ever-evolving international trade routes and rapid nearshoring, strategic business expansion and effective supply chain optimisation are critical to thriving. Experts in the panel will share their invaluable experiences in overcoming the impacts of geopolitical tensions, regulatory sanctions, resource shortages, and heightened production costs. Attendees will come away with strategies to unlock new markets, drive international revenue growth, and improve supply chain management.

Panel 2: Revolutionising Cross-border businesses through advanced payment strategies and intelligent delivery

It is essential to understand payment and delivery strategies in international commerce. This panel will explore the opportunities presented by emerging technologies like blockchain, which offers potential for secure and efficient cross-border payments. Industry leaders will also highlight how they are leveraging cutting-edge tools such as artificial intelligence, automation, and real-time tracking to optimise last-mile delivery.

Sessions in this theatre will last 20 minutes. Theatre capacity is 100+ attendees.

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