Technology for Marketing Asia: Where Innovation Meets Marketing

Co-located with eCommerce Expo Asia, Technology for Marketing Asia stands as one of Asia’s leading MarTech events. This event serves as an essential destination for marketing and tech professionals, bringing together thousands of MarTech innovators and industry powerhouses.

With 26% of marketing budgets allocated to technology and the global market worth valued at a staggering $509.8 billion, it's impossible to deny MarTech's rising significance in the business ecosystem.

Showcase Your MarTech Minds

This year, the spotlight is on pivotal areas like AI implementation in marketing, social commerce enablement, omnichannel marketing adoption, and localising customer experiences. Become part of vital discussions around navigating the ROI complexities of MarTech, traversing Asia’s diverse customer base, and fostering better governance frameworks.

Get the opportunity to interact with thousands of marketing minds, drive conversations around these subjects, and assist businesses in overcoming their challenges.

MarTech Keynote Theatre: The Hub of MarTech Pioneers

Technology for Marketing presents the MarTech Keynote Theatre, a one-stop shop for engaging discussions, innovative ideas, and creative collaboration.

In this theatre, top marketing professionals will explore hyperpersonalisation, social selling, data management, and growth hacking, as well as emerging technologies like AI, virtual reality, and the metaverse.

Sessions in this theatre will last 20 minutes. Theatre capacity is 60+ attendees.

Panel 1: Meet the Engineers of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Marketing visionaries who have successfully navigated the MarTech landscape to create customer-centric brands will share fascinating case studies during this panel. Their expertise in achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty through social commerce, immersive content strategies, and personalised approaches will be on full display. Be part of this thought-provoking conversation to share your experiences in enhancing customer relationships in the digital age.

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