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The Democratization of Analytics

It’s no secret that smart organizations want to make more decisions fuelled by data and analytics – but relatively few have breakthrough success. A recent study showed that despite 97% of organizations investing in big data and AI technologies, only 23% report being data-driven. Why is there a significant gap between investments and outcomes, and what are the bottlenecks?

The top inhibitors are complicated and disparate data silos, a lack of data and analytics talent, inefficient and manual processes, and a lack of data literacy and culture. What if organizations could upskill their workforce, enabling all business teams and knowledge workers to use data and analytics to solve their companies' most significant challenges?

There is a way, a proven method, that has helped organizations democratize analytics across the entire enterprise.

Join this roundtable to explore:

  • How are you balancing people, process, and technology aspects to drive analytics maturity and transformation of work?

  • What techniques have you deployed to align IT, Data, COE, and Business Resources around automation and data & analytics priorities? How would you rate the collaboration of these teams to drive value in these areas?

  • What approaches are your company taking to train and upskill teams as the volume of data & analytics needs has exponentially grown?


Roundtable host include: 

  • Steve Brodrick, Chief Transformation Officer at Alteryx


Data and Solution options for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Companies face tremendous pressure from governments, regulators, investors, and customers to enhance their overall Sustainability & ESG activities.

SAS can assist them on their path to achieving net zero targets, improving sustainability KPIs, mitigating risks, managing vendor relations, and promoting a diverse and healthy workforce.

Moreover, SAS can help companies not only in positioning climate and sustainability but also managing risks such as banking crisis risk management.

Join this roundtable to address these pressing issues:

  • How can we leverage the inputs from each business line and orchestrate numerous ESG-related activities in a large organization?

  • How can we better forecast climate impact on businesses, under multiple plausible scenarios, and drive business decisions towards a greener and more financially resilient future?

  • Can the irresponsible use of AI negatively affect an organization's ESG rating?

Roundtable hosts include: 

  • Lu Yin, Principal Risk Advisor (Non-financial Risk) at SAS
  • Syed, Head of Customer Advisory at SAS