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Axonius Discusses How to Shrink the Attack Surface at Singapore Cyber Security Summit

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SINGAPORE—April 3 2023—Axonius, the leader in cybersecurity asset management and SaaS management, today announced it will be speaking at the Singapore Smart Cyber Security Summit on April 13 2023. In the presentation, “Shrinking the Attack Surface,” Axonius Vice President of Sales, APAC KY Wong will outline how organisations can protect against threat attackers by managing and shrinking the attack surface and focusing on asset visibility. 

Axonius coined the term “cybersecurity asset management” to explain its approach to understanding assets and their security and management coverage. Four years later, in 2021, Gartner coined the term “cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM)” and included the category in its Hype Cycle for Network Security 2021. Today, CAASM is an emerging technology in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Security Operations 2022.

Gartner defines CAASM as “an emerging technology focused on enabling security teams to solve persistent asset visibility and vulnerability challenges. It enables organizations to see all assets (both internal and external) through API integrations with existing tools, query against the consolidated data, identify the scope of vulnerabilities and gaps in security controls, and remediate issues.”

According to the report, drivers include the need for full visibility into assets, quicker and more accurate audit compliance reporting, improved security posture, and consolidated asset views for multiple teams across an organization. CAASM is on the rise and early in the Hype Cycle, with only 1% market penetration.

Axonius was the first to take a simple yet comprehensive approach to solving the growing challenge of asset visibility in complex IT environments. Its Cybersecurity Asset Management platform connects to nearly 650 security and technology products to provide an always up-to-date, unified view of all assets, empowering organizations to uncover security solution coverage gaps and then automatically validate and enforce their security policies. Axonius eliminates the manual work IT and security teams spend on basic asset management, saving organizations an average of 86 person-hours of labor many times per year.

Since emerging from stealth in 2017, Axonius has skyrocketed to a $2.6B valuation with $395M in funding. After doubling its staff during the pandemic and achieving triple-digit annual recurring revenue growth in 2020, Axonius continues its rapid-growth trajectory, expanding globally and maintaining its commitment to product innovation. 

“The introduction of CAASM as a category validates what we’ve heard from customers and underscores the massive demand that has driven our explosive growth,” said Dean Sysman, co-founder and CEO, Axonius. “Companies of all sizes and across all industries face the same growing problem—despite having a host of tools and tech, the increasing complexity of IT environments makes it impossible to account for all assets with manual processes alone. Our mission is to continue solving this pervasive problem and reducing manual work so security and IT teams can focus on what’s important.” 

In 2020, Axonius was also listed as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Security Operations and Threat Intelligence. Hundreds of brands trust Axonius to see and secure all assets, earning Axonius a 4.7 rating (out of 5) based on 17 reviews as of July 21, 2021 on Gartner Peer Insights. Read more on the Axonius blog and download the Gartner Hype Cycle Report.

Mr Wong will present at the Marina Bay Sands at the Smart Cybersecurity Summit on April 13 at 12pm. 

About Axonius

Axonius gives customers the confidence to control complexity by mitigating threats, navigating risk, automating response actions, and informing business-level strategy. With solutions for both cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) and SaaS management, Axonius is deployed in minutes and integrates with hundreds of data sources to provide a comprehensive asset inventory, uncover gaps, and automatically validate and enforce policies. Cited as one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity startups, with accolades from CNBC, Forbes, and Fortune, Axonius covers millions of assets, including devices and cloud assets, user accounts, and SaaS applications, for customers around the world. For more, visit Axonius.com.


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