RETAIL EXECUTIVE SUMMIT - 2023 Conference Topics

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Re-Imagining Retail Theatre

Re-Imagining Retail Theatre

Directly influenced by the global pandemic, the retail industry has had to re-imagine and re-think typical strategies and invest in emerging technologies to meet a new kind of online demand. The pre-covid omni-channel retail approach has now been tipped far more towards the online, but also the traditional brick & mortar approach now needs an entire overhaul. Technology is a powerful tool in the hands of retailers, constantly revolutionising and bridging the gap between offline and online  worlds.

Build, grow and transform your business to meet the new customer demands in the Re-Imagining Retail Theatre. 

  • Emerging Retail Tech 2023 & Beyond ( A.I, Augmented Reality etc)  
  • Syncing your Online with Offline through ground-breaking tech 
  • Delving into Data - Real time data insights from well-known online retail & ecommerce sites  
Customer Engagement Theatre

Customer Engagement Theatre

In light of the digital revolution in full swing, retailers are deploying winning customer engagment strategies to capture consumer loyalty and greater wallet share. Keeping up-to-date with marketing automation technologies and new martech trends such as live commerce and customer experience technologies are key to improving customer experience.

This growing opportunity for customer experience provides a powerful anchor to transform the success of brands.  Gain crucial insights from various industry key players in the Customer Engagement Theatre to perfect your strategy across platforms! 

  • Marketing Automation - Spreading your message across multiple platforms 
  • Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing & Live Commerce  (Adopting the new MarTech in eCommerce) 
  • CX Technologies (B2B & B2C interaction expectations – chatbots, personalised marketing, etc)
Cross-border Commerce Theatre

Cross-border Commerce Theatre

As the world rapidly conforms to new business norms throughout the global pandemic, having a dynamic cross-border strategy has become increasingly crucial. With lockdowns and border restrictions, entering new markets posed new challenges and enhancing fulfilment and logistic strategies are vital in ensuring competitive success in the market.

Find out what it takes to build your winning global strategy, how to scale up to meet new peak demand and surges in deliveries, and make the most of the opportunity to reach new customers globally in the Cross Border Commerce Theatre. 

  • Cross Border Commerce for online retailers entering new markets (What’s the perfect X Border strategy) 
  • Tackling new markets & enhancing your online sales (How to ramp up your online sales in a new market) 
  • Adopting new logistics strategies (Meeting delivery timeframes & demands)