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    From Relentless Adversaries To Resilient Business
    As adversaries become more sophisticated and relentless, the global threat landscape continues to grow and evolve at an alarming rate. There are 200+ adversaries are actively targeting organizations a ...
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    Supercharging Your Cyber Resiliency: CISOs on the Front Lines
    CISOs are on the front line dealing with the onslaught and proliferation of ransomware attacks. How are they making cyber resilience a foundational part of their strategy? Join Victor Keong, Field CIS ...
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    2023 State of the Phish: Singapore Insights
    Threat actors constantly look for new ways to outwit victims and bypass defenses. The past year has been no different. As businesses rolled out new security controls, cyber criminals responded. They a ...
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    Digitalisation has accelerated during the global pandemic and increased the complexity of interconnectivity between users, service providers and their vendors. Whilst digitalisation has catalysed tech ...
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    Shrink the Attack Surface
    Discovering all of your assets — devices, cloud services, software and users — is essential to secure your organization's environment. But it can be a struggle to identify, manage, and control the com ...
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    Nearly 40% organisations reported increasing cyber threats in 2022 with growingly sophisticated attacks from agile hackers & criminal groups, with victims ranging from e-learning providers, healthcare ...
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    Stop Zero Day Phishing Attacks In Their Tracks
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    Global Perspectives on OT Security: Problems and Solutions
    In 2022, many new, ecosystem-complete RaaS and adopted a ruthless multiple extortion strategy, attacking vital departments in the critical manufacturing, energy, food and agriculture, and healthcare a ...
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    The Identity Security Blind Spot: ITDR for Legacy Systems and Service Accounts
    MFA and other identity security controls are very effective in protecting web apps and modern systems, but until now they couldn’t be applied to legacy systems, command-line interfaces, service accoun ...
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    Business-focused security with employee-friendly practices with UEM
    - Understanding endpoint security strategies that secures and provides insights about your endpoints - Learn how UEM can help you build comprehensive endpoint security
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    SASE - The right choice for Cyber Risk Management?
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    Don’t be another statistic in the CISO burnout. Gain clarity in the vulnerability chaos
    Diamonds are made under pressure, security teams shouldn't be.   For cybersec professionals, stress comes with the job. But as that job becomes increasingly critical and complex, teams are getting swa ...
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    The presentation will explore how the concept of a “just culture” in aviation can be applied to improve cybersecurity in companies. A just culture, developed around 20 years ago, is a workplace enviro ...
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    As rules on data privacy and sovereignty continue to expand separately across regions and nations, multinational enterprises face increasing complexity in smooth, seamless interoperability. This also ...
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    Humanising XDR:  Evolution of Cybersecurity with just One-Click
    76% of organisations in Asia-Pacific will increase the demand for cloud services which calls for an increase in demand for cybersecurity in the area. While there is this increase in demand, most organ ...
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    Cybersecurity has always remained one of the biggest challenges. Advancing enterprises digital transformation in this highly connected economy carries potential cybersecurity risks. Whether small orga ...
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