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Making Zero Trust Practical Using Security Services Edge (SSE)

Combining data governance with zero trust is a rising challenge across organizations. While there is no one-size-fits all approach to zero-trust, off-the-shell products do exist. Adopting zero-trust policies is a complex journey as it requires major transformation in infrastructure, overcoming interoperability challenges of legacy systems and applications, and ongoing administration & maintenance. 

Join this roundtable to explore:

  • What transformation will be required across hardware, software & architectural infrastructure? 
  •  Prevailing security risks with current zerotrust models
  •  Minimizing security gaps from legacy infrastructure
  • Building logical process of deploying and scaling up zero-trust models
  •  Streamlining administrative & maintenance operations
  • Prevent loss of productivity

Roundtable hosts include: 

  • Manoj Wadhwa, Director, Cyber Risk, Deloitte 
  • Jayden Soh, Head of Solutions, Strategic Services, StarHub Ltd.
  • Siddharth Deshpande, Field CTO, Cloud security – Asia Pacific and Japan, Palo Alto Networks

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain valuable insights into implementing zero trust policies effectively.

Future Skills: What is Needed?

As cyber threats continue to expand in both volume and magnitude across every sector, organisations have developed the appreciation for continuously improving cyber disaster prevention, recovery, and business continuity plans by developing their technology frameworks and investing in their people.

While technology enables companies' operations, people are the most important "gatekeepers" in ensuring cybersecurity is successfully integrated and maintained throughout organizations. In this roundtable, leaders in cybersecurity, data governance, corporate policies and people management will convene to discuss the most pressing matter: What skills will we need in the future, and what can we do to help us get there.

Join this roundtable to address these pressing issues:

  • How can we ensure that employees are prepared and vigilant when it comes to incident monitoring, response, and management?
  • Managing third-party risks beyond the organisation.
  • Developing a continuous framework for addressing cyber threats, staying up-to-date with the latest developments in cyber-attacks, threat identification approaches, and response.
  • Hiring and training with cyber resilience in mind: What competencies will be required in the future?
  •  Legal and regulatory skills needed to respond to future cyber threats and associated compliance risks.

Roundtable hosts include: 

  • Aaron Raj, Editor, Tech Wire Asia
  • Dashveenjit Kaur, Senior Tech Reporter for Tech Wire Asia and TechHQ
  • Alexandra Jorissen, SG Tech Mentor

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from industry leaders and acquire essential skills to navigate the present cybersecurity talent shortage.

Navigating Security Breaches: Effective Strategies for Attack Response

As cyber-attacks continue to gain ground and reach record highs in various industry sectors, including financial and healthcare, so does the cost of average data breach and the complexity of defending unstructured data. Join this session to participate in in-depth conversations on how organisations should operate under constant threat surveillance to ensure data protection and breach response:

Participate in this roundtable to tackle the following in-depth conversations:

  • Ensuring compliance with data protection requirement and breach reporting

  • Adopting cyber-storage to mitigate complexities of active defence

  • key considerations on assessment of breach magnitude

  • Impacts of rising cyber threats on cyber insurance and key considerations for buyside

  • What not to do when breaches take place

Roundtables hosts include: 

  • Melissa Tiong, Co-Founder, APAC Cyber Channel
  • Jaslyn Chan, Regional Sales Director Exabeam
  • Erin Ng, CISSP, Regional Security Engineer, Exabeam
  • Reuben Koh, Security Technology and Strategy Director, APJ , Akamai

Engage with experts and peers to gain valuable insights into managing security breaches and safeguarding your organisation's future.

Return of Security Investment (ROSI), Risk Quantification and Justification Discussion

Cybersecurity spending is not immune to economic volatility, and CISOs are under pressure to improve efficiency in light of increasingly complex attacks and potentially decreased investments in  tools and services.

However, there are practices and key considerations that security leaders can follow to ensure effective investment in security controls and solutions. In this roundtable, we will explore how CISOs can best justify cost-effective cybersecurity spending through mechanisms such as ROSI calculations and tool selection.

Get involved in this roundtable to explore case studies and discuss:

  • Investing in the right cybersecurity tools that require utmost priority in security spending (e.g. cloud workload security, container security, multi-factor authentication, security analytics, zero-trust infrastructure) 
  • Consideration of new technologies  (e.g. attack surface management, software supply chain security, extended detection & response) 
  • Leveraging AI and automation in security 
  • Talent management and investment 
  • Cybersecurity models (outsourcing/insourcing/hybrid) 

Roundtable hosts include: 

  • John Lee, Managing Director (Global), OT-ISAC
  • Jagathesh Rajavasagam, Risk & Cyber Security Officer, Abbott

Take part in this vital conversation to learn how to manage third-party risks and enhance your incident response planning.