Speaker List: Tech Week Mainstage 2023

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In 2023, Tech Week Singapore presented the latest topics, trends and techniques presented by our world-class speakers and innovators!

The Main Stage Theatre is the knowledge hub of Tech Week Singapore. This is where you can hear powerful insights into the key drivers of technology, business transformations, and future advancements set to reshape our world.

Keynote speakers from across the tech stack tackled the hottest topics facing our industries in 2023 & beyond, including Thought Leadership, Future of Work & Talent, AI R/Evolution, Sustainability & Ethics and Digital Innovation.

Day One Track: Riding the Wave of Disruptions with Intelligent Technologies

2023 marks a historic year for technology. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is becoming more democratised than ever before. It can now be harnessed by virtually anyone, with the potential of transforming lives. AI can empower businesses, improve decision-making, and reshape workforces. However, the reality is that most businesses and governments are still in the nascent stages of their AI journey. To truly revolutionise your operations and strategies, you must navigate the complexities of AI application, enhancement, regulation, and governance.

But how can stay ahead against the rising tide of digital disruptions? At Tech Week Singapore, senior leaders will share their top advice for mastering the applications and implications of AI.

Day Two Track: Reinventing Business with Technologies in the Digital Age

What does it take to be an exceptional leader in the digital age? It is the relentless individuals who fearlessly champion digital transformation initiatives, reinvent business models, and adapt organisational cultures to truly stay ahead of the curve. This is your chance to achieve your key business objectives and lead from the front by joining forward-thinking C-Levels and innovative business leaders at Tech Week Singapore. Together, you will discover how to leverage technology for cost-saving, profit amplification, and achieving sustainable business practices.

Solidify your position as a leader in the rapidly advancing digital era. Register your interest for 2024 today.


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