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Dany Krivoshey

Dany Krivoshey

As the Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Unilever International Group, I oversee a comprehensive digital evolution strategy encompassing Customer Experience, Supply Chain Resilience, Operational Excellence, and data-driven operations. My responsibilities include guiding customer and business journeys, setting the vision, establishing the necessary infrastructure, allocating resources, and delivering efficient digital solutions. Latest impact on the business includes: 1. Expanding global trade through billion-dollar E-Commerce and digital marketing channels, resulting in a substantial increase in the sales pipeline and revenue. 2. Streamlining omnichannel services and automating processes to enhance customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and cost savings. This effort has saved tens of thousands of operational hours, improved efficiency by 40%, and boosted Net Promoter Scores (NPS) by over 60%, enabling threefold scalability. 3. Leading the development of data architecture, data product definition, and effective data governance strategies to optimize data utilization across the organization. 4. Designed and implemented a connected and synchronized operational and financial planning solution for global trade business covering 100+ countries & 100+ sourcing locations, aimed at facilitating faster, more informed, and highly accurate decision-making for high service, resource allocation and production effectiveness