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Devki Gaurav Pal

Devki Gaurav Pal

Vice President - Head of Cyber Security Operations - Corporate, -
As the Head of Cyber Security Operations at Lazada in Singapore, Devki Gaurav Pal is on a mission to fortify cyber defenses, pioneer agile security systems, and elevate cyber security operations for corporate environment. With over a decade of experience in cyber security, Devki Gaurav has honed expertise across various domains, from security engineering and research to streamlining operations and combating online fraud. Devki Gaurav pursued his masters in Cyber Security and a Computer Science graduate with a passion for exploring the intricate balance between People, Process, and Technology, the cornerstone of the modern hyper-connected world security. Grounded in the belief that digital safety is a shared responsibility, he thrives on sharing learnings on cyber security. Beyond the digital realm, Devki Gaurav enjoys venturing to new places, immersing in diverse cultures, and connecting with people worldwide. A strong advocate for social causes and an environmental enthusiast, Devki Gaurav is dedicated to making a positive impact beyond the cyber sphere.