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Dr Eric Tan

Dr Eric Tan

Assistant Director (AI Data Engineering), IMDA
Dr Eric is the AI Scientist and Team Lead within the Biz Tech Group at IMDA. At the helm of a dynamic team, he spearheads innovative initiatives exploring how AI models can revolutionize business landscapes, fostering growth and efficiency across diverse sectors like retail, e-commerce, and supply chain. Eric played a pivotal role in shaping the groundwork for product development, underscoring his central contribution to transformative projects. Drawing from his extensive experience, he has played a significant role in democratizing AI models, with a specific focus on Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Eric's academic journey culminated in a PhD in Computer Science from City University of Hong Kong, where he excelled and gained recognition as an award winner in esteemed workshops, conferences, and grand challenges. His commitment to advancing AI's potential is matched by his dedication to innovative research and tangible outcomes.