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Justin Ong

Justin Ong

APAC CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) & APAC CPO (Chief Privacy Officer), Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
I have total 21 years of regional IT management experience with Panasonic Asia Pte. Ltd. covering APAC, providing shared services and innovative IT solution to 63 companies in APAC. My role requires me to formulate regional effective and agile IT strategies to support business growth in emerging, developed, and advanced markets. 20 years in Panasonic equips me with wide ranging domain experiences in Enterprise Infrastructure, Enterprise Security, Enterprise Integration, Business Insights, Procurement, Logistic, HR, Accounting as well as Legal. Leveraging 14 years of global technology and product development experience in Omron Management Center of Asia Pacific prior to joining Panasonic, I constantly look ahead for game changing technologies to develop new IT solution to bring strategic and operational benefits to the business divisions. In my current role of APAC CISO & CPO, I am driving necessary security transformation to enable and accelerate Panasonic DX strategies for APAC companies’ business and operation transformation.