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Keith B Carter

Keith B Carter

Partner, Emerging Technologies, KBC Global Partners
Keith B. Carter isn't just an expert on emerging technology; he's a visionary, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in our increasingly interconnected world. Keith imagines a future transformed by technology and he's determined to lead us there. As the lead partner of technology strategy at KBC Global Partners and the founder of JustAskProf.com, Keith stands at the forefront of innovation, challenging businesses and governments alike to think differently and to utilize technology in ways that can revolutionize our world. A scholar by nature, Keith's academic background in Electrical Computer Systems Engineering and his work as an awarded Associate Professor (Practice) at the National University of Singapore School of Computing have honed his ability to simplify complex concepts, making him an effective and relatable speaker. Keith's teachings go beyond the classroom, as evidenced by his Amazon bestseller, "Actionable Intelligence," which has become a staple for those seeking to leverage big data in their operations. Prior to academia, Keith proved his mettle in the corporate world, leading strategic transformations at Estee Lauder and Accenture, demonstrating how technology can drive significant improvements in efficiency and performance. Beyond his professional achievements, Keith’s personal life enriches his perspective. As a past deacon, current Men's Ministry director, private pilot and certified in counter-terrorism, his experiences lend him a unique point of view that resonates in his talks. At the core of everything he does, Keith values God and family - his wife Stella, and their sons Emmanuel and Luke - because he knows that to truly change the world, we need a world worth changing for. Drawing from all walks of life, Keith inspires his audience to embrace the future, to harness the potential of technology, and to strive for a world that's better for everyone.