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Richard Jones

Richard Jones

Founder & CEO, PrimeL Asia
Richard is a socially conscious entrepreneur who excels as a transformative CIO/CTO, a successful business leader, strategist, published author, and keynote speaker. With a wealth of experience spanning over 3 years in the IT industry and 30 years collaborating with global MNCs across the Asia-Pacific region. Throughout his career, he has held senior technical, business, and sales leadership positions in both IT vendor and client organizations, providing him with a well-rounded and practical understanding of the IT landscape in relation to business needs. More recently, Richard has ventured into entrepreneurship, technology influence, and industry mentorship. He co-founded PrimeL Asia a socially responsible “profit with a purpose” enterprise driven by the motto "too young to retire, too old rehire". This organization is spearheading a transformative approach to work, fostering an ecosystem that encourages the growth and integration of a diverse workforce and building an integrated community for employers and employees alike, redefining the way we perceive work and its impact on society.