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Ruud de Wildt

Ruud de Wildt

CEO, Certus Erasure
Ruud de Wildt, a former Dutch soccer player turned visionary entrepreneur, ventured into the world of technology with EAF, a multi vendor service company in 1988, rapidly expanding its global presence. Later, in 1996 he founded ConCord Global Services, excelling in refurbishing, repairing and remarketing IT equipment while ensuring erasing the data was executed on all devices for uncompromised data security before devices were sold into the Refurbished market again. Fueled by a passion for data security, Ruud's founded Certus Software in 2015 to revolutionize data erasure, offering innovative, secure, and user-friendly solutions. Certus's mission is to simplify data erasure for all businesses worldwide, setting a new standard in certified data erasure solutions. Today, Certus Software empowers organizations of all sizes, ushering in a new era of digital trust and security. It has become the gold standard, a must for every company dedicated to respecting data security in every aspect, ensuring the protection of their valuable assets and of course also the individuals themselves who create data every day.