Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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Automating Mobile App Defense, directly inside the CI/CD Pipeline

11 Oct 2023
DevOps Automation & Evolution Theatre

Dev Teams have fully embraced automation to create and optimize their mobile app DevOps workflows. Cyber security on the other hand still relies on outdated, manual security solutions to protect their mobile apps and mobile business against threats, mobile fraud, mobile malware and mobile bots. This creates a conflict and makes it hard for CISOs to implement new cyber defense strategies in their mobile apps. Tom Tovar, Appdome’s Co-Creator and CEO will discuss the different reasons and consequences of this conflict and provide CISOs a Rapid and Easy path to start building security directly into the DevOps workflow and allow Cyber teams to automate building and versioning mobile app defense in the CI/CD pipeline.

Tom Tovar, Co-creator and CEO - Appdome