Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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The rise of AI in Climate Tech and Sustainability – Solving real-world problems

11 Oct 2023
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Theatre
In a world abuzz with Generative AI, the impact is simply electrifying. Corporations are diving headfirst into piloting it, venture capitalists are fueling its growth, and the media can't stop talking about it. This thrilling wave has developers adopting it eagerly, while researchers delve into its endless possibilities.
From transforming marketing and sales strategies to empowering engineers, data scientists, accountants and lawyers, GenAI automates tasks and elevates human potential. It's redefining the way businesses function across various sectors, from law to finance, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.
Companies have three speeds to embrace GenAI: off-the-shelf applications, integration with existing processes, or customizing models for specific needs. And as the adoption accelerates, businesses must develop new capabilities to harness its full potential.
Yet, this innovation isn't without challenges. We must navigate the ethical landscape, ensuring accountability, transparency, and fairness. The job market is also set for a transformation, with certain roles experiencing a boom while others face automation.
But here's the secret to success with GenAI—it's not just about sophistication. Consistency is the key. Having a champion at the C-level, ethical consideration from the start, robust processes, talented AI expertise, and a culture of experimentation—all play vital roles in riding the wave of GenAI triumphantly.
Geetha Gopal, PMI Future 50 Honouree - -