Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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Bridging the gap between low code and pro code for cloud development

12 Oct 2023
DevOps Automation & Evolution Theatre
Low-Code is an attractive paradigm for developing cloud-based applications. It promises faster development, simpler deployment, more business focus, and a host of similar advantages. Low code platforms have suffered, however, from a number of limitations that must be addressed if the paradigm is to be widely adopted. They are often perceived as inflexible, difficult to customize; as performing and scaling poorly in comparison to hand-programmed back ends; as compromising on security in the name of rapid development; and as difficult to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, libraries, technologies and services. These limitations must be overcome if the low-code paradigm is to be widely adopted.
In this talk I will introduce the Coreograph platform for cloud development, and our approach to the realistic concerns that low code platforms face as they strive to become a standard paradigm for building in the cloud.
Dr. Williams L. Harrison, Founder - Airtechnology Group