Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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Cultivating a Culture Driven by Data and Empowering Leaders in the Realm of Data

11 Oct 2023
Women in Tech Symposium
  • Transformative Impact of AI on Data Professionals: We will delve into the ways in which artificial intelligence is reshaping the roles and responsibilities of data professionals, including Chief Data Officers, Data Scientists, and Data Analysts. What new competencies and insights are required to thrive in these evolving roles?
  • Articulating the Value and Vision of Data & AI: One crucial aspect of this dialogue will be the articulation of how to effectively define and communicate the intrinsic value and overarching vision of data and artificial intelligence within the organizational framework. How can these be translated into clear and compelling narratives?
  • Alignment of Data & AI Initiatives with Business Objectives: Another pivotal consideration will revolve around the methods for aligning data and AI initiatives with the broader strategic goals and objectives of the business. How can these technological endeavours be seamlessly integrated to bolster organizational success?
  • Cultivating and Nurturing Data Talent: Lastly, we will explore strategies and practices aimed at fostering the development and retention of data-focused talent and skill sets within the organization. What approaches can organizations adopt to ensure a steady pipeline of skilled professionals in this rapidly evolving field?
Geetha Gopal, PMI Future 50 Honouree - -
Ravit Jain, Founder & Host - The Ravit Show
Shilpa Sindhe, Senior Instructor Lead - General Assembly