Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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Generative AI and Cybersecurity: Future Dystopia or the Answer to Our Problems?

12 Oct 2023
The Future of Cyber Security Theatre

In this presentation, we will explore how adversaries may leverage generative AI technologies, such as GPT to enhance their harmful tactics. Our analysis will cover aspects like malware obfuscation, advanced social engineering strategies, vulnerability and 0-day discovery, and the utilization of generative AI as a "living off the land" personal assistant and discuss the legitimacy of concerns regarding the potential abuse of generative AI. Concurrently, we will assess whether generative AI truly poses a cybersecurity nightmare for defenders or acts as a valuable resource to augment and bridge the existing skills shortage in cybersecurity We will investigate the prospective applications of generative AI in streamlining everyday tasks, including cross-domain detection and response (XDR) inquiries, automation, threat analysis, and incident handling. And will evaluate the effectiveness of modern detection approaches against generative AI altered and obfuscated malware.

Ben Verschaeren, Senior Manager, Global Solutions - Sophos