Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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PANEL: Leading Innovation With Cloud Tech a Low-Carbon Regime - What Are the Priorities?

11 Oct 2023
Digital Innovations Theatre

Sustainability concerns are increasingly a priority, and enterprises are looking to approaches, technologies and solutions to facilitate their transition to a low carbon regime and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Against the broader context of other performance and business priorities however, what are the real pressures facing leaders – can they truly prioritise and work towards their sustainability commitments? How well can sustainability and business performance be aligned, or are long-standing perceptions of the priorities being in competition still extant? What technological innovations, approaches or policy levers can help enterprises achieve quick-wins and shift the paradigm towards greater alignment with traditional business and bottom-line outcomes?

Deepak Gupta, Business Transformation Leader - AWS
Wu Shiwei, Chief Technology Officer - Huawei Cloud APAC
LinYun Wei, Vice President – Sustainability and Business Development - Schneider Electric IT Logistics Europe, Ltd
Tuan Anh Pham, Group CIO - Becamex IDC, Vietnam