Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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Migrating your mobile CI/CD environment to a scalable cloud solution using CircleCI

11 Oct 2023
DevOps Live! Workshop
Interested in moving your mobile CI/CD environment to the cloud, but not sure where to start?
Interested in speeding up builds and tests for mobile development?CircleCI has you covered!
In this workshop, we’ll cover the basics of how mobile CI/CD projects work on CircleCI, how to migrate from on-prem to the cloud and discuss some of the pipeline optimizations you can use to increase your build speed and efficiency. Who will benefit from this workshop:
  • Devops engineers curious about mobile CI/CD
  • Mobile developers interested in speeding up their builds and tests
Five things you will learn from this workshop:
  1. Migrating mobile dev from an on-prem environment to the cloud
  2. How to use Android and iOS emulators on CircleCI
  3. How to analyze unit test performance and find flaky tests
  4. How to distribute your apps to the Play Store / App Store
  5. How to optimize your pipelines for maximum speed and efficiency
Tadashi Nemoto, Senior Solutions Engineer, JAPAC - CircleCi