Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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Panel Discussion: AI at the crossroads: From ML to AGI, How AI Is Reshaping Society's Future

11 Oct 2023
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Theatre
NLP, ML and AI have been around for decades but the pace of evolution of intelligent machines we are currency observing has never been more breathtaking. Within a year of release of ChatGPT, the world of generative AI is booming; large and new businesses alike are competing with one another to exploit the power of generative AI models to produce & promote a plethora of AI services that cater to every single business and individual requirement. It’s no wonder that “generative AI” is already a household idea, In this panel discussion, AI titans will join and discuss their views on future of AI and how it will shape human society - how we work, live and communicate:
  • How AI will revolutionise industries, employment, ethics, and human-machine interactions.
  • How quickly will “generative AI” become obsolete?
  • Unleashing AI's potential: Conquering the wilderness of user training
  • Navigate the uncharted territories of data preparation, feature selection, and model optimisation
  • AI's impact on workplace productivity and safety: The advantages and risks (fall detection, fire detection and other applications in heavy industry)
  • The journey to artificial general intelligence
Aparna Kapoor, Partner, Artificial Intelligence - Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Jason Tamara Widjaja, Director of Artificial Intelligence - MSD
Milind ., Data Science Product Owner and AI Specialist - Mercedes-Benz AG
Juan Intan Kanggrawan, Head of Product, Data Analytics, Research - Jakarta Smart City