Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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Protecting your organization against the dangerous rise of API attack

12 Oct 2023
Cyber Security Innovations Stage

Application attacks are becoming increasingly complex to protect against. An alarming 72% of IT decision-makers suffered a successful breach due to vulnerabilities in web applications in 2020-21 .

One of the most popular ways hackers gain access to applications is through APIs. Yet many organisations aren’t giving API security the attention it deserves, leaving them highly vulnerable.

The recent breach reported by T-Mobile resulted in the personal details of roughly 37 million customer accounts being stolen, which proves that API attacks can happen to any organisation.

This presentation will:

1. Explain what APIs are and why they are an increasingly popular avenue for attack
2. Discuss real life API attack cases
3. Provide strategies that organisations can use to protect themselves, including
• Gain visibility with a full audit of all APIs
• Adopt a DevSecOps approach
• Implement Zero Trust and WAF solutions
• Adopt emerging technologies such as automatic API Discovery

Bryan Seah, Pre-Sales Engineer, South East Asia - Barracuda Networks