Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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This changes everything: Ransomware in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

11 Oct 2023
Cyber Security World Keynote Theatre

Artificial intelligence developers have made huge strides in recent months, transforming a wide variety of human endeavors. Unfortunately, that includes ransomware.

Get expert insights and forecasts about the trends we can expect to see as ransomware—already a significant and costly threat—gains new, AI-based capabilities, including:

1. Extreme customization of phishing, smishing, and email attacks
2. Relentless, automated attacks that could make current security strategies obsolete
3. Extreme optimization of attacks, from finding vulnerabilities to ransom negotiations
4. It’s not all bad news, learn about initiatives within the industry in fighting back with AI and some specifics on Generative AI.
5. Data is the fuel that powers AI, and the growth of data is exponential.

Plus, see how you can fight back against the coming wave of threats using advanced strategies that incorporate AI.

Like all technologies, AI can be used for good or ill. Attend this important session to understand how both threats and defensive strategies are being transformed by the AI revolution.

Fleming Shi, CTO - Barracuda Networks