Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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Opening Keynote: Fighting the Transformation Fatigue

11 Oct 2023
Tech Week Mainstage

Enterprises from all geographies and sectors tell us they are transforming. The definition of transformation can range from replacing core enterprise systems to pursuing new digital business models. What is true for all is that these transformations require deep change, and that change is difficult. Transformations create change on many levels, and this often generates a “messy middle” where, at best, people don’t know how their work connects to the whole and, at worst, people work at cross purposes, canceling out their respective achievements. Every great transformation has two bookends and a roof: The first bookend is to know what you’re transforming into and why. Principles form the roof of the transformation, holding it all together, guiding the effort, and lending coherence to the whole. Bookending the other side is culture hacking, to make change real and immediate. While there are lots of ingredients to a successful transformation, without a focus on these three magical ones, transformation fatigue sets in and change stalls.

Marcus Pang, VP Executive Technology Services, SE Asia & Korea - Gartner