Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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How the inventor of Push-Up Jeans optimized ecommerce distribution in Europe by adapting omnichannel

11 Oct 2023
International Commerce Theatre

Year of 2012, Salsa Jeans, a Portuguese Jeanswear retailer, inspired by Wonderbra, launched a model of woman jeans that literally lift the butt. The success was tremendous, with thousands of units sold in the first days and weeks. And forecasts revised for millions of units. On the other side, supply chain was on stress by this bullwhip effect. Ecommerce was the main bottleneck, as Salsa Jeans had only 1 Distribution Center located in Portugal, and sales coming from all world. We decide to quickly implement ship from store strategy and pool of orders. The 250 physical stores were redesigned to be not only pickup points but also expedition points. Salsa Jeans reduced 50% of international express parcel shipments, replaced by domestic shipments, saved 20% of shipping costs, and avoid tons of CO2 emissions. Winning strategy, still in use (with many updates) and copied by hundreds of other retailers.

Mario Ferreira, Transports & Customer Service Coordinator - Salsa Jeans