Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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How to win friends and influence people... with AI.

11 Oct 2023
Future of Work Stage

AI has been reshaping the foundations of technology that drives modern societies for over a decade. In our day-to-day lives, the breadth of AI use cases is extensive and growing by the day without most people even being aware until now. Despite this, there has been a renewed focus on AI in both the media and policy circles. This is primarily due to the explosion of interest in generative AI, following OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT and subsequent other generative AI applications that have followed.

Suddenly, we were awash with questions over whether this was the end of the PR and marketing industry?

Yet, rather than think of this as the end. Maybe this is the new beginning that the industry needs to be relevant in the future? As Sandpiper’s report into AI in the communications industry found, a key challenge that is plaguing many – that the technologies are so new that in fact no one has yet figured out how to integrate them effectively into daily working practices.

Mark Johnson, APAC Lead - Communications & Public Policy - Sandpiper Communications