Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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Simulated Ransomware Panel

11 Oct 2023
Cyber Security Innovations Stage
Simulated Ransomware Situation: A well-known conglomerate with business operations in a number of regional markets suffered a major cyber-attack that compromised access to its data and systems recently. The organisation received emails demanding an extortion payment in return for a decryptor and the non-release of stolen data. It was claimed that the attacker will have long-term unauthorized access to the data as the data stored in the source code repository was also compromised.
Panel Discussion: Being the victim of a cyber-attack is much more probable than just possible. An organization might expect to have 15% unrecoverably loss of their production data on average for each cyber-attack. To better understand the preparedness and recoverability of cyber-attacks, industry experts will discuss how they would react and response respectively to this stimulated ransomware attack. From validating, containing to recovering from an attack. They will also explore investments and prioritization in meditating unexpected risks and challenges.
Andrew Martin, Group Publisher - Asia Online Publishing Group
Yu Long Tang, Assistant Vice President, Third Party Cyber Risk Management - -
Pasi Koistinen, CISO - Coinhako
Sanket Khanolkar, COO & Chief People Officer - SecurityHQ