Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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Smart Access Control to Server Racks and Datacentre Rooms

11 Oct 2023
Critical Infrastructure Stage

As data security becomes increasingly important in today's digital landscape, companies are looking for ways to protect their sensitive information from unauthorized access. Smart access control systems are a popular solution that provides a secure and efficient way to manage access to server racks and datacentre rooms. In this presentation, the speaker from Willowmore Pte Ltd will discuss the benefits of smart access control systems and how they can help companies improve their data security and its sustainability in operations efficiency.

Content Brief: 

  • Common challenges with traditional access control systems 

  • How Smart Access Control addresses this issue.  

  • Key features of smart access control systems 

  • Case studies of successful implementations 

  • Best practices for implementing smart access control systems. 

  • Future trends in smart access control systems 

  • Q&A session with the speaker 

Frederic Gillant, Chief Revenue Officer - Willowmore