Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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PANEL: Tech Strategies in a Fast-Forwarded World – How Can Leaders Separate the Signals from the Noise?

11 Oct 2023
Hybrid, Edge & AI-Powered Cloud Keynote Theatre
The session scope will be wide-ranging i.e. how organisation leaders and decision-makers can parse/assess the value of new & emerging technologies and decide what is of real value, strategies to approach innovation and how to derive real outcomes etc.
Panellists are welcome to draw on examples of new tech e.g. the lessons we may draw from earlier hype around metaverse, blockchain and web3 initiatives etc
Marie-Claude Ferland, Associate Partner - EY
Sharone April, Digital Team Lead - Israel National Digital Agency
Craig Allen, General Manager & CTO - Kaseya
Geoff Wade, CIO - AstraZeneca Asia