Tech Week Main Stage Conference Programme 2023

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The Landscape of Organized Cybercrime

11 Oct 2023
Cyber Security Innovations Stage
In the enlightening session led by Ilia Tivin, a seasoned cybersecurity expert with hands-on experience from the Israeli Defense Force and a deep understanding of the challenges across various sectors, attendees will delve into the intricate world of organized cybercrime. Drawing from his rich background, Ilia will provide strategic insights on:
The Landscape of Organized Cybercrime: Understand that not all hackers operate in isolation. Many are part of sophisticated criminal organizations with vast resources.
Facts about Cyber Criminal Organizations:
  • The scale and complexity of cyberattacks are vast, with even less technically proficient criminals now able to commit cybercrimes due to the availability of 'off the shelf' tools.
  • Criminals operating ransomware as a service are often behind high-profile cyberattacks against countries like the UK.
  • The distinction between nation-states and criminal groups is becoming increasingly blurred, making cybercrime attribution challenging.
Defensive Strategies for E-commerce:
  • Learn about the best practices and strategies to safeguard e-commerce operations against organized cyber threats.
  • Building a Sustainable Security Culture: Beyond technical defenses, understand the importance of fostering a security-first mindset within organizations.
With Ilia's unique blend of technical proficiency and strategic focus, attendees will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the organized cybercrime landscape and actionable insights to bolster their e-commerce defenses.
Ilia Tivin, Managing Director - Locked Jar