Tech Week Singapore Mainstage 2024

Bringing together technologists, scientists, business & public leaders to discuss the latest trends across technologies and their impacts on business, government and society. This is where you can hear powerful insights into the key drivers of technology, business transformations, and future advancements set to reshape our world. 

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Day One Track: Riding the Wave of Disruptions with Intelligent Technologies 

Themes to be explored include:

  • The New Age of Artificial Intelligence  

  • Intelligent Application and Advancement 

  • Ethical Concern & Risk of Intelligent Technology 


Executive Panel Discussion: The Roadmap to AI-powered Business Reinvention  

This panel discussion will provide the audience with valuable insights into the current landscape of artificial intelligence technologies and their significance for driving business growth and innovation.  

  Key Discussion Points:  

  • Real-world examples on AI's implications on digital innovation and business successes 

  • Predictions on the future direction of AI 

  • Potential opportunities and risks associated with AI advancements in business 

Day Two Track: Reinventing Business with Technologies in the Digital Age

Themes to be explored include:

  • Cybersecurity and Digital Trust   

  • Sustainability and Ethics in Digital Cultures 

  • The Global Digital Economy Landscape  

  • Leveraging Digital Transformation for Business Success 


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